10203 EU Concept Core Course XXV and XXVI (application period 10.10. - 4.12.2016.)

International training
Basic Training


Basic course on civilian crisis management

Course dates:Location:Application dates:
02.04.2017 - 13.04.2017EUCCC XXV Tampere/Niinisalo10.10.2016 - 4.12.2016
20.08.2017 - 31.08.2017EUCCC XXVI Tampere/Niinisalo10.10.2016 - 4.12.2016

TARGET GROUP Professionals with relevant educational and professional background for civilian crisis management missions, but with no or very little previous civilian crisis management mission experience. Competencies can include, for example, policing, customs, border management, civilian administration, rule of law, gender, human rights, logistics, human resources, information management and project management. Finnish participants are encouraged to follow the announced vacancies on CMC Finland’s website, in order to assess if their educational and professional background is relevant and sufficient in length for positions which are available through CMC Finland.

COURSE VENUES The course venues are located in Tampere and Niinisalo, Finland. The core course is highly intensive and does not allow for other commitments during the course. Additionally, selected course participants must complete pre-course tasks with an estimated workload of approximately 20 hours.

COURSE CONTENT The course provides participants with the basic skills and knowledge required independent of the specific function they will fulfil in international peace missions. Because most Finnish experts are seconded to EU missions, the course focuses on the EU’s civilian crisis management activities. However, all subjects and skills taught during the course are relevant also in OSCE, UN and other missions.
The course includes a Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), an intensive five-day module aimed at training professionals to deal effectively with high-risk and emergency situations while deployed in hostile environments abroad; a prerequisite for high risk missions.
Part of the training is organised in parallel with the United Nations Military Experts on Mission (UNMEM) Course organised by the Finnish Defence Forces International Centre, FINCENT.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES After successful completion of the course, the participants will

•have the ability to analyse the causes and consequences of conflict, and identify relevant actors;
•understand the central processes that the international community facilitates, including the promotion of respect for human rights, rule of law and democratisation through executive missions, monitoring, mentoring, advising, training and capacity building;
•gain increased knowledge of different actors in the field and the importance of comprehensive crisis management;
•be able to recognise relevant threats towards safety and security in a mission environment and utilise various tools to promote security; and
•obtain basic first aid, navigation and radio communication skills.

SELECTION CRITERIA The course is open to both Finnish and international participants. Qualified national staff members of the missions in which Finland contributes experts to are highly encouraged to apply. The selection of Finnish participants for the course is done in close cooperation with CMC Finland’s recruitment personnel and on the basis of current mission requirements.

The applicants must
•be ready and willing to participate in civilian crisis management missions after completion of the course;
•have an educational and professional background suitable for civilian crisis management missions;
•have relevant work experience of at least three years
•be proficient in English;
•have a valid driving licence (category B); and
•be physically and mentally in good health.

Important notes for Finnish applicants
One of the selection criteria for Finnish applicants is proficiency of the English language (e.g. YKI 4 or equivalent, equals B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). If you do not have the appropriate certification, refer to the Finnish National Board of Education's webpage for upcoming test days. Please note that the examination takes place only twice a year. It is possible to take the test after the course application deadline. In this case the possible acceptance to the course may be conditional until the language test certificate is presented.

Finnish applicants should be prepared for a possible interview with CMC Finland, prior to the course.

Please note that due to the large amount of qualifying applications only small proportion of applicants can be admitted to each course.

The EU Concept Core Course is in principle a pre-requisite for any Finnish expert who does not have previous civilian mission experience and who wishes to be deployed to a field mission.

GENERAL INFORMATION CMC Finland's EU Concept Core Courses are certified by ENTRi - Europe's New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management.

COSTS CMC Finland will not cover or arrange the travels to and from the course venue, thus they must be paid and arranged by the participant. No per diem is provided by CMC Finland. Some exceptions may apply to Finnish authorities.

1. For Finnish participants, tuition fees, meals and travels during the course are covered by CMC Finland.
2. For non-Finnish participants, the course fee of 1800 euro will cover tuition fees, meals and travels during the course.
3. For the selected national staff members there is no course fee. Tuition, meals, accommodation and travels during the course are provided by CMC Finland. However, travels to and from the course venue should be arranged independently. National staff members are advised to consult their mission for possible financial support in attending the course.

APPLICATION The application period will be from 10 October to 4 December 2016. Applications sent before or after this period will not be taken into consideration. To apply, fill in the EU Concept Core Course Lyyti Online Application Form by the deadline.

Finnish applicants must also include the health declaration form. In the application, please indicate which course(s) you are applying to. Please note, that there is only one application round for the two courses. Should you choose to apply for both of the courses, CMC Finland reserves the right to decide which course the participant will be selected to attend to.

Please note, that due to large amount of applications, only the selected applicants will be contacted by CMC Finland.

All enquiries should be addressed to training@cmcfinland.fi.

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