10222 World Food Programme (WFP) Logistics Response Team Training

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15.06.2019 - 20.06.2019Kuopio

Target group:
Senior Logistic Managers

Selection criteria:
Selection will be made by DG-ECHO.

Pre-reading material:
Prior to the training, participants will be invited to a distance learning online platform (Moodle) where all relevant pre-reading
material is published. The pre-reading material consists of four main topics and a prereading test – all of which are mandatory for
the attendance of participants at the LRT.

The LRT training aims to develop the emergency response management knowledge and capacities of senior logistics managers.
The objective of the training is to prepare skilled Logistics Response Teams who can be deployed to provide immediate
operational logistics surge capacity and assume an initial coordination role during the onset of an emergency.

Key objective of the course is to Understanding of the role and mandate of the Logistics Cluster to ensure participants are
prepared to be a part of an emergency logistics response and/ or Logistics Cluster operation.

Classroom training and simulation exercise

Training, accommodation and food at Emergency Services College are free for the participants.

Further information:
Preferably at: cp[at]pelastusopisto.fi
or Training Officer Laura Hokkanen,  p. 0295453536

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